Who ? What ?

What is jazzahead! ?

▶ jazzahead!, an international reference

While the European dimension is at the core of its original project, Jazzahead! can also take pride of its very strong international component, this being illustrated with the presence of representatives coming from the five continents. With nearly 3,000 professionals present each year, Jazzahead! has really become the international reference for jazz exhibitions.

A trade fair for the “jazz world”

Over its previous editions, the trade fair has strongly participated to enhance and highlight collaborative practices within the jazz world. The trade fair is actually a meeting point where all the actors of the international jazz scene can get together, exchange ideas and establish future co-operations.

A wonderful operation for the jazz scene

jazzahead! represents a real opportunity for numerous musicians to perform and present their work in front of the whole international jazz industry, either through the many concerts and showcases held by the organisation, or through the meeting of the large numbers professionals attending the festival.

A Festival that is truly open to all audiences

jazzahead! does not only address the jazz world industry. Its actual opening to the Bremen audience – through the cultural festival that is organised with the partner country – makes it possible to feature other artistic forms (e.g. theatre, dance, literature, cinema, and so on) to a wider audience than that of the professionals attending the trade fair.

What is AJC ?

On January 2013, AFIJMA (Association of Innovative Jazz and Contemporary Music Festivals), founded in 1993, opened up to all organisations involved in disseminating jazz (festivals, national and state-sponsored venues, theatres, cultural centres and clubs) which share its objectives and values under the name AJC (Association Jazzé Croisé). In line with the policy followed by AFIJMA for the last twenty years, AJC continues its commitment to the mobility of artists, the emergence of new talents and the creation of original projects, is becoming more heavily involved in finding new audiences all over the country and is boosting its involvement in the field of cooperation and international exchanges. With the arrival of more than 20 new members, festivals but also statesponsored and national venues, theatres, cultural centres and clubs, AJC has so far brought together more than 60 French and European organisations which share its objectives and values :

  • Free and independent artistic direction
  • Commitment to original projects
  • Commitment to creative music
  • Support to emergence and circulation of artists
  • Involvement on a territory while seeking new audiences
  • Involvement in international cooperation and exchanges

AJC is thus becoming the most important network for jazz and improvised music promoters, with the annual involvement of more than 1.5 million spectators.




National actions

Setting up co-productions and creative tours, setting up French tours for new emerging groups (Jazz Migration).

International actions

Invitations to foreign programmers, cooperative actions and international exchanges, organisation of international professional meetings.

Organization and structuring of the jazz sector

Active participation in the development of public policies for jazz, organisation of symposiums, collaboration with other networks.



À Voix Haute, Bordeaux

As soon as possible, Bordeaux

À Vaulx Jazz, Vaulx-en-Velin

AJMi, Avignon

Arsenal de Metz

Banlieues Bleues, Pantin

Charlie Jazz Festival, Vitrolles

Crest Jazz Vocal

Cully Jazz Festival

D’jazz Kabaret / Media Music Dijon

D’Jazz Nevers

Du Bleu en Hiver, Tulle

Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse

Europajazz, Le Mans

Festival Jazzèbre, Perpignan

Gaume Jazz Festival (Belgium)

Jazz à Couches

Jazz à Junas

Jazz à Luz

Jazz à Oloron / Des Rives et Des Notes

Jazz à Porquerolles

Jazz à Vannes

Jazz Am Rhein / Vive le Jazz, Köln (Germany)

Jazz au fil de l’Oise, Cergy

Jazz aux Ecluses, Hédé-Bazouges

Jazz Brugge (Belgium)

Jazz Campus en Clunisois

Jazz Club Dunkerque

Jazz dans le Bocage, Rocles

Jazz in Arles

Jazz Nomades / La Voix est Libre, Paris

Jazz sous les pommiers, Coutances

Jazzdor Berlin (Germany)

Jazzdor Strasbourg

JazzPote, Thionville

Jazzus, Reims

L’Echangeur de sons, Chambery

L’esprit Jazz / Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris

La Fraternelle, Saint Claude

Le Cri du Port, Marseille

Le Périscope, Lyon

Le Printemps du Jazz, Champs sur Marne

Les An’ARTS Chroniques, Bromont

Les Détours de Babel, Grenoble

Les émouvantes, Marseille

Les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre, Nantes

Luberon Jazz Festival, Apt

Marseille Jazz des cinq continents (FJ5C)

MC2: Grenoble

Millau Jazz Festival

Music: LX, Luxembourg

Nancy Jazz Pulsation

Onze Heures Onze, Tournan en Brie

Paris Jazz Festival

Reims Jazz Festival

Roccella Jazz Festival (Italia)

Scène nationale de Sète

Tendances Jazz / Festival de la Côte d’Opale, Boulogne sur Mer

The Bridge, Paris

Théâtre 71, Malakoff

Tourcoing Jazz Festival

Tribu Festival, Dijon

Un pavé dans le Jazz, Toulouse

Una Striscia di Terra Feconda (Italia)

Vaapat äänet, Helsinki (Finland)

Vague de Jazz, Longeville sur Mer

Vortex Jazz club, London (UK)